Electro world pop: demo

Radha by  Radha-               2001- Amiata Records

Riturnella by Taràzzichè            2003-Xetnica

Oriental by Orient Express 2004-Isthar-

Dreams by Dreams            2014-Xetnos rercords

House by Migrate                     2016-Xethnos records

Acustic world music: demo

Words of truth by Song of  enlightment  1994-Amiata Records

Om  by  Dokhadeem             1995-Map

Sul Gange-by Intuitions         2010-Xethnos records 

Meditative ambient: demo

Universi by Intuition             2011-Xethnos records 

Refuge prayer by Homage to Buddha              2013- Xethnos recors

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